Church Website Creations

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Let us set up and maintain your church website!


Looking for an affordable way to have powerful Web presence for your church?  

Want to let prospective visitors know when your worship begins and where your church can be found?

We specialize in helping small churches set up and maintain simple effective websites. We provide regular maintenance and update service so that church staff is free to do church work, and so that the websites are current and updated regularly without waiting for a busy volunteer to find the time.


For the monthly price of a few hours of clerical time, our experienced web management team can provide monthly (or more frequent) updates of your online information.


Our basic website package introduces internet visitors to your church, and provides the basic information newcomers and guests need to find your church.


Tell everyone about your church.


This includes regular gathering times such as worship, Sunday school, and other regular activities. Your members will find it an easy reference for meeting times and other event details. It will be as accurate as your newsletter or other communication which you send to us.


The information can be sent as easily as emailing us the computer document from which your newsletter is published, requiring little additional clerical work from your staff.


Most of the pages on the website are set up so that their information does not need to be revised very often. But an events page is updated from your newsletter information monthly (or more often for an additional charge).


We are sensitive to confidential information, so we never put prayer concerns or other personal confidential information on a public website. We believe this type of information is best communicated within the local church, not on the internet.


For more information contact us by email.